WAM is currently at maximum training capacity - At this time we're unable to accept new students for our flight training program

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Interested in Flying Model Aircraft/Drones? Here's what you need to know... Summary of Transport Canada Regulations


  1. Radio controlled models of any type are considered as RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), by Transport Canada.  This includes airplanes, helicopters, quadcopters, drones, and anything else that an individual might fly via remote control.

  2. All RPAS weighing over 250 grams (fully loaded with batteries/fuel/camera), must be registered with Transport Canada.

  3. A Transport Canada Pilot Certificate is required, to fly a registered RPAS.

  4. MAAC members are exempt from requirements 2 and 3 above, as long as they fly their RPAS at a MAAC approved flying club.  The Whitby Aero Modellers RC Club, is a MAAC approved club.


Transport Canada Link: https://tc.canada.ca/en/aviation/drone-safety/learn-rules-you-fly-your-drone/flying-your-drone-safely-legally 

MAAC: https://www.maac.ca/en/transport_canada.php


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WAM members,


With spring just around the corner and longer, warmer days upon us, we are beginning to think about the flying season ahead. With respect to Covid safety, we are closely monitoring provincial requirements and public health guidelines on an ongoing basis.

Our venue is completely outdoors so there currently are no applicable restrictions listed by the provincial Gov. that would directly affect us. We do however want to err on the side of caution as always and recommend continued vigilance against the spread of Covid by practicing good hygiene such as social distancing, mask wearing when not able to and use of hand sanitizer and or gloves when sharing objects, etc. 


These practices however are now voluntary and are no longer any part of the government requirements for a venue such as ours.


Our covid safety plan is as follows:


Please report to myself and or our president (Amitabh) if you believe that you may have exposed other members at the field after finding that you are positive for Covid after recently attending the field.


 We also require that you do not attend the field if you:

- are symptomatic or have been symptomatic within the last 5 days.

- have tested positive for Covid within the last 5 days.

- have been advised to isolate by a public health official

- suspect you may have recently been exposed to someone who has tested positive or is suspected to have Covid.



Looking forward to a safe and sunny flying season with you!


WAM safety officer.

Paul Murray 


 Heber Down Conservation Area, Toronto GTA 

 Whitby Aero Modellers RC Club