2022 Membership

As of April 1, our club is accepting new membership applications, priority is given to those living in the area.

The cost will be $120/year for new members.  The 2022 New member application form is available here (instructions on returning the form & making payment are included at the end of the form):


Previous club members may use the Google form (Renewal Link below) to submit a renewal application

2022 membership renewal open now:

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Soar like an Eagle
Fly like a bird

Whitby Aero Modellers

Club Safety Rules (2022)

1. Guests wishing to fly must show their current MAAC.

2. No one shall fly unassisted until they have their wings. It is recommended that no one should ever fly when alone.

3. The field box should be opened before anyone starts their engines or flies. The last club member to leave the field shall lock the field box, Porta-Potty, and the gate.

4. Airplanes shall never be flown directly at or over the pit area. No one shall taxi into or out of the pit area.

5. Never fly near the Off-Leash Dog Park, as it is strictly out of bounds, behind the flight line.

6. Flyers shall stand in the designated area (Pilot’s Box) while maneuvering their

aircraft, except when taking off or hand launching.

7. All aircraft must be secured against moving forward before starting the engine.

8. Giant scale aircraft (wingspan 84+ Inches) must be started in the designated

area in the giant scale section, and be taxied into the field.

9. All flying must cease during field maintenance.

10. No vehicles are permitted on the field at any time, except for field maintenance.

11. All youth (Under 16) must be accompanied by an adult.

12. No person shall fly any aircraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

13. No member shall fly an aircraft in a manner that creates or is likely to create a hazard to full size aircraft. Members must immediately fly to a very low level, such as the tree line, when full size Aircraft are about to be overhead.

14. Violation of rules 5, 12 or 13 may result in immediate expulsion from the club, as they are not subject to the progressive disciplinary code.

15. 3D flight or hovering will NOT be conducted within the perimeter of the runway, unless you are the only one flying.

16. If you need to fly outside the expectations of rule 15 (or IMAC or other aerobatic patterns practice), you must communicate to the other members present your intentions and all must agree, prior to flight.

17.The field on the west side of pit area, is for the exclusive use of all Drone, small Helicopter and small Foamy 3d activity.  Do not fly onto the main runway when using the west runway.

18. All members flying FPV shall appoint a dedicated Spotter/Helper, who must remain next to the pilot throughout the entire flight. Pilots should follow all MAAC safety code regarding FPV

19. Engine Shut Off. The pilot must be able to shut off the model's engine by radio control with the plane in any position, (e.g., a servo dedicated to throttle control or a kill switch).

20. The hours of operation limits at the Heber Down field shall be: Gliders and Electric Aircraft: Anytime.  Glow/Gas Aircraft: Sunrise to  Dusk.

21. Aircraft which generate sound levels over 88dB at 3 meters, as per MAAC guidelines, should not be flown without special permission of club executive members.

22. All model aircraft must have the owner’s MAAC Number and contact information somewhere on or in the model, to meet the MAAC exemption to the Part IX rules.

 Heber Down Conservation Area, Toronto GTA 

 Whitby Aero Modellers RC Club