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Flight School commences in the comfort of your own home, with RC flight simulator software, on your Personal Computer.  RealFlight Evolution software, with USB controller, is available at Great Hobbies in Oshawa.  Starting your training with a flight simulator, speeds up the training process, while significantly reducing costs related to crashes.  When you’ve mastered all directions of flight, on the simulator, please follow the steps outlined below.  Flight training typically runs from May through September, pending instructor availability.


  1. Obtain a Transport Canada RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) Pilot Certificate.  This involves significant studying and successful completion of an online exam. Participant must be over 14 years of age, to write the exam.  Reference links, below:




  2. Contact Whitby Aeromodellers via e-mail at:, if you have questions and/or to ensure flight training space & instructor availability

  3. Purchase Whitby Aeromodellers club membership:

  4. Purchase Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) membership.  This membership provides mandatory insurance:

  5. Locate and review the Whitby Aero Modellers Club Rules:

  6. When ready for in air flight training, purchase a Ready to Fly trainer airplane kit.  The E-Flite Apprentice STS is recommended. Ensure that assembly is executed per manufacturers instructions.  Register your plane with Transport Canada and apply registration numbers

•    Flight training can only be conducted on a sufficiently sized hobby grade “Trainer” model.  Training can not be done on toy planes.
•    Our instructors can only train you, using Spektrum brand transmitters.  They will electronically connect their personal Transmitter to your transmitter and plane.  Please ensure your model is equipped with Spektrum Radio Transmitter and electronics.
•    WAM does not provide build, repair, and maintenance training.  This skill is learned on your own, over time, through club member camaraderie, books, and YouTube.  
•    We train on electric models only.  After you’ve earned your “Wings” Pilot Qualification, you’re welcome to delve into the world of Nitro or gas engine powered planes.  The configuration skills are readily shared amongst club members.  Flying will be very similar.  Noise restrictions at our Heber Down Conservation Area flying field, will limit the types and sizes of engines that can be used. 
•    Anyone under the age of 18, is required to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, while flying at the WAM Field.  
​•    Members under the age of 14, must be accompanied by an individual with a Transport Canada RPAS Pilot Certificate

 Heber Down Conservation Area, Toronto GTA 

 Whitby Aero Modellers RC Club 

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