Flight School typically runs from May until September.  Our Events calendar will be updated as we get closer and details become available.

Requirements: Club membership, MAAC membership/Insurance.

Our volunteer Instructors (at no charge) will get you to a level at which you will be able to pilot your own plane. You will be able to pass a simple test that includes takeoffs and landings and you will receive your 'WINGS'. At that point (usually after 5 to 8 lessons) you will be able to fly on your own and also at other clubs in accordance with their guest pilot rules.

As a first plane we recommend that you get an 'Eflite Apprentice S' plane, new or used. You will need a Transmitter and our instructors can advise you taking into account the kind of plane you will want to progress to after the Trainer. Generally speaking a 6 channel Spektrum or Futaba, new or used, will give you a lot of options. Also we strongly recommend that you aquire an RC-Flight Simulator  ('Real Flight' or 'Phoenix') for your computer. Make sure your Transmitter will work with the Simulator. This will reduce your training time and result in less damage to your first aircraft. (The Apprentice aircraft is usually easily repaired).

WAM is currently at maximum training capacity - At this time we're unable to accept new students for our flight training program

 Heber Down Conservation Area, Toronto GTA 

 Whitby Aero Modellers RC Club